TUTORIAL - Art Therapy/Pattern Design Lesson

TUTORIAL - Art Therapy/Pattern Design Lesson

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Repetitive creative work can be soothing- a process that allows your mind to relax and become totally immersed in the task at hand. It isn't often we allow ourselves the opportunity to create without fear of mistake or failure.. in fact, most people who visit the Makery say "I can't draw/create/paint....."

We believe the main reason for this mindset is fear- fear of "messing up"... fear of not being able to create something "pretty"... 

This exercise is designed to erase (ha..pardon the pun) that fear altogether. Don't use a pencil for this, or you will be tempted to erase something you deem as "imperfect". Just let your mind go- do not plan your drawing out at all.. just draw what comes to mind in the moment.

Professionals refer to this type of art as "Zen Doodling.. Tangling..or Zentangling".

Print out as many of the feather sheets as you'd like :) Post your creations on Facebook or Instagram and share your work with us!


Visit the following websites for further reference and info on this method of drawing and art therapy.